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You are here for Disney Junior's animated series starring Kit Secord, who learns she is secretly next in line to become The Rocketeer, a rocket-pack wearing superhero who can fly. Armed with her cool new gear and secret identity, Kit takes to the skies to protect her town of Hughesville and its residents from danger. Assisting her on her heroic adventures are her best friend Tesh, bulldog sidekick Butch, and airplane mechanic grandfather, Ambrose Secord.


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  1. Be nice to other users, don't disrespect people's opinions, thoughts, or personality. If someone is being a pain please contact an admin, Don't say stuff back to make things worse.
  2. Don't post blurry, compressed, or NSFW images. It helps keep the wiki clean.
  3. NO NSFW CONTENT AT ALL! Like above don't post NSFW images, don't post any content that is inappropriate, disrespectful, or racist/sexist/homophobic.
  4. Don't vandalize, it's an official rule on Fandom. Please don't vandalize pages.
  5. Don't spam comment sections. Don't type useless comments in articles. It causes problems and takes up space.
  6. Don't post fake articles that don't make sense.
  7. Don't disrespect staff members, all decisions are final.
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