This is a full list of episodes of The Rocketeerdeveloped for television by Nicole Dubuc.

Season 1

Episode Title Synopsis Airdate
1 First Flight/Pilot Error Kit receives a surprise package on her birthday containing The Rocketeer's helmet, which Grandpa Ambrose immediately recognizes as belonging to the famed superhero; Grandpa Ambrose and Tesh help Kit with her training. November 8, 2019
2 Skyway Robbery/A Doggone Adventure Sylvester Slapdash, disguised as the Costumed Bandit, plots to rob the Bulldog Cafe; Butch must rescue his new friend, Honey, the golden doodle. November 8, 2019
3 Ground Control to Rocketeer/Save the Statue Tesh gives his bike an extreme makeover that isn't as helpful as he hoped; Kit, Tesh and Butch raise money to repair the statue of the original Hughesville Rocketeer. November 15, 2019
4 Carnival Caper/Songbird Soars Again The Great Orsino and his traveling carnival show up in Hughesville to steal Kit's rocket pack; Kit befriends a former pilot and helps her find the courage to fly her plane again. November 22, 2019
5 Downhill Derby/Flight Class Heroes Kit and Tesh plan to compete in Hughesville's Downhilll Derby, but a young inventor has a villainous plan to win; Kit's class takes a trip to see an automatic, pilotless plane. December 6, 2019
6 Hypnotic Hughesville/The Piggy Bank Caper When the Great Orsino hypnotizes everyone in Hughesville, the Rocketeer must find a way to wake them; Sylvester Slapdash steals Kit's piggy bank in search of a special coin. December 13, 2019
7 X-Treme Hero/Hot on the Trail Kit finds a coin that has a hole in the middle in it and places it in her piggy bank Paisley, who has been reinforced with a coating used by Ambrose. What she didn't know is that the coin was the first one that Lilith's grandmother obtained as Sylvester Slapdash plans to reclaim it through whatever way possible. / The Rocketeer introduces Tesh to his extreme sports idol Xena Treme after rescuing her from an approaching avalanche during a snowboarding competition. Not wanting to be outdone by Tesh, Xena plans to be better at the bike competition even if she is resorted to hijacking Tesh's bike. January 10, 2020
8 Valerie the Valkyrie/Follow that Bulldog Feeling that the Rocketeer is stealing her thunder after she saved the air traffic tower from collapsing during her flight show, Valerie creates her own superhero identity called The Valkyrie. This leads to a competition with the Rocketeer. / Cast-Iron Chef attempts to steal Kit's family cookbook from the Bulldog Café. Due to the recipes being in the Bulldog Café's attic, Cast-Iron Chef resorts to stealing the bulldog part of it. Now it's up to the Rocketeer and Tesh to rescue the Bulldog Café's bulldog part. January 17, 2020
9 Recipe for Disaster/The Critter Gang Kit and Sareena have made some renowned food from Grandma Sitti's recipe that has been passed down through every generation. A food truck chef named Cast-Iron Chef comes to Hughesville. When Kit and Sareena refuse to expose the secret ingredients when he asks about them, Cast-Iron Chef tries to steal them to improve his food truck business. As the Rocketeer, Kit must rescue the cookbook and expose Cast-Iron Chef's scheme. / Kit investigates a string of robberies across Hughesville that seem to be committed a moose, a hawk, a raccoon, two foxes, and some squirrels. After fighting off the squirrels in the Bulldog Café, Kit notices that the animals have been stealing food. It is soon discovered that the Critter Gang are friends with an old lady named Irma Philpot who is unaware of what her animal friends are doing. When the animals start stealing jewelry including Great-Grandpa Cliff's pilot wings, the Rocketeer must reclaim the stolen jewelry and set the Critter Gang straight. January 24, 2020
10 Clear for Takeoff/First Class Kit wants to enroll at the Valkyrie Flight Academy after ending up in the flight lanes while being advised to enroll by Ambrose. In order to prove that she can be responsible to her mother, Kit plans to help out at the Bulldog Café as she must see this opportunity through. Kit starts where she must deliver the lunches by 1:00. After some side missions involving Mayor Primshell and Valerie and the final delivery to Malcolm, Kit becomes Rocketeer to help fix the flight antennae. / Now that she is in the Valkyrie Flight Academy, Kit meets her teacher Mr. Coleman who gives her a flight manual as well as her fellow students Ben, Logan, and Valerie. After school, Valerie invites Kit to her family's hangar. Though Kit befriending Valerie proves to be a difficulty when it takes away her time with Tesh. When Valerie plans to fly her parent's new plane in a thunderstorm, it's up to the Rocketeer to rescue her. February 7, 2020
11 Underground Doodlebug/Bruce Goose Ambrose donates a rare Rocketeer action figure from his childhood to the museum. Wanting the action figure for himself, Doctor Doodlebug uses the city's old mining tunnels while combining a coin-operated Sparkle Sunset Unicorn Ride and other junk to form the Tunneler which will burrow under the museum and enable him swipe it. Discovering the toy is gone, the Rocketeer and Ground Control go underground to pursue Doctor Doodlebug and reclaim the figure. / After rescuing Mr. Finn's boat, Kit, Tesh, and Butch find a gosling that got separated from it's mother. Bringing the goose that Tesh named Bruce to the hangar, Ambrose walks Kit and Tesh on taking care of Bruce who starts to grow attached to Butch. Once Bruce has grown up and it is getting close to winter, it's up to the Rocketeer to teach Bruce how to fly and reunite him with his family. February 21, 2020
12 Runaway Lilith/The Hughesville Howler March 13, 2020
13 Friends and Family Picnic/Lights, Camera, Action Hero April 3, 2020
14 Special Delivery/The Hunt for Hughesberries April 10, 2020
15 Super Deany/Dr. Doodlebug's Fair Game April 17, 2020
16 The Valkyrie Cleans Up/The Bank Job April 24, 2020
17 Big Top Problems/One Trick Phony July 4, 2020
18 Pack-a-Doodle/Sitti's Visit July 11, 2020
19 The Haunted House/The Halloween Heist July 16, 2020
20 The Christmas Star July 17, 2020
21 Scarlett's Search/Rocketeer Day July 18, 2020
22 Heart of a Hero (episode) July 25, 2020

Season 2

Episode Title Synopsis Airdate
1 Win Some, Lose Some/The Great RocketPack Heist August 2, 2020
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