Character Info

Ambrose Secord is one of the main characters of The Rocketeer. He is voiced by Frank Welker. He is Kit's grandfather.


Ambrose is an old man. He has white hair and a beard. He wears a backwards beige baseball cap on his head. He also has glasses. He wears a partially unbuttoned dark green shirt with a white undershirt. He has a brown tool belt with his tools on it. He wears blue jeans and brown boots.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mechanics: He is known to be a mechanic as the Hughesville Airport, and wears a tool belt as a testament to this.


  • In early news postings, he was referred to as Kit's uncle.
  • He always calls Kit "Katherine".
  • He works as a mechanic at the Hughesville Airport
  • In Hypnotic Hughesville, it's revealed that his favorite animal is a monkey


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